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Congratulations on the purchase of your OnlyPro Hair Extensions, great choice!

Our extensions can last many months with a proper haircare routine.

To ensure that your hair extensions are long lasting the following guide is important to follow.

With all hair extensions, there is never a definitive lifespan as it all depends on how it is maintained and coloured. Hair Extensions is a consumable product and because our extensions come from a single doner it is never 100% identical to another pack.

We DO NOT recommend colour on our hair extensions as this could damage the cuticle and shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions

You must always use proper products to care for your hair extensions. Haircare must be paraben and sulphate free in order to avoid stripping the hair of nourishment and to ensure manageability. 

Excessive washing and styling will damage the cuticle and decrease the longevity of the hair, we recommend that you wash your hair 2-3 times per week.
Use caution when swimming, apply a hair mask before to add an extra layer of protection. Try to avoid salt and chlorine water – it can discolour your hair and leave your hair dry. 

Your 100% human hair extensions, should be cared for as well as your own hair.


Hair Extensions do not secrete natural oils or sebums like your own hair would therefor moisture needs to be added to ensure hydration and longevity. A hair mask is required weekly to keep the hair hydrated and revitalized.


Using excessive heat on hair extensions will reduce the lifespan and damage your hair, you should always use a thermal heat protector spray. Using heat between 160 degrees and 180 degrees will do the least damage to your hair extensions. We recommend that you use the proper styling tools when styling your hair extensions.


Your hair extensions are attached to your own hair and incorrect brushing will result in damaging your own hair. Always brush your extensions with a bristle brush and hold the top of your head while brushing from the bottom to the top. We recommend that you brush your hair 2-3 times per day to avoid tangling.


Never sleep with wet hair extensions and always make sure your extensions are completely dry. Braid your hair before sleeping to avoid tangling.