Become certified in South Africa's #1 Requested Sew In Method


Please take notice that mastering the weft installation cannot be done in a one day training session and the rest of your learning and practicing will take place on your own time in your salon. 

Training will be over a period of 4 - 6 weeks, depending on each stylists abilities and schedule.

You will be required to provide us with feedback on your case studies after you training.

No certificates will be issued without doing a proper 5 week case study after your hands on training has been completed.

The shortest period in which you can obtain certification is 5 weeks.

You will be certified in the Pro-Weft method after you have on your own successfully installed and removed one row of wefts for a model of your choice, that has lasted up to five weeks without any damage and with the wefts still intact.

You will only receive certification once your educator/mentor is confident that you grasp the method and that you can apply the rules required for a proper installation.

1. Hands on Training will be for two days.
2. You will receive all of the necessary tools and hair required for the training. 
3. We will provide mannequins for the training day.
4. You in salon practice sessions will be done on your own, we will require a weekly case study with photos and videos in order to assist you with any troubleshooting during the process.
5. You will require a mannequin for your practice sessions in your salon.
6. We will not provide a model for your final installation. 
7. Once your certification is successfully completed we will courier your certification.
8. We will add your salon to our map of certified stylists. 
9. We will only provide hand-tied wefts to certified stylists.


The Basics Standard Outcome

  • - Our Brand
  • - Our Products
  • - Hand Tied Wefts
  • - Consultation and Colour Match
  • - Quotation and Ordering
  • - Planning and Placement
  • - Foundation
  • - Stitching
  • - Removal