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Hand-Tied wefts are exactly what they sound like! The hair is woven together by an actual person by hand, giving each weft custom attention; creating the absolute thinnest weft possible! They are seamless because they are hand made and extremely flat, making them good for those with fine or thin hair. Having them created by hand is what makes them so seamless. Hand tied wefts are the most expensive type of extension because it takes a full day for a person to make one bundle.



We only recommend the use of hand tied wefts for our ProWeft Method of installation. Due to their seamless look, hand-tied wefts are perfect for those with extremely thin hair, they are easier to blend into your natural hair. Another great aspect of hand-tied wefts is that they can easily be stacked on top of each other to create different dimensions. Also, in terms of the removal process, hand-tied wefts are installed with the braid less sew in technique. This means that there is absolutely no use of harmful chemicals or heat, they don't leave a residue and can be removed very easily.


We only sell our luxury line of hand tied wefts to stylists who have successfully completed our certification course. 



There are many different ways to install a weft, some are very damaging while others are not but still cause damage. Not all methods are created equally. Make sure that the stylist installing your wefts have proper certification. Do your research ask for evidence of how the hair grows out and what the integrity of the hair looks like in the long run 


Our proprietary Pro Weft™ method was specifically designed with the client in mind, we wanted to provide the consumer with a seamless, undetectable, comfortable yet damage free extension method. 

Onlypro Certified stylists receive extensive training and practice to become ProWeft certified. 

We only provide certification to a stylist when we are 100% sure that they can perform a proper installation without causing damage to their clients' hair.  The integrity of the hair is the most important factor when doing an installation.

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