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Article: Help! My Hair Extensions Turned Pink

Help! My Hair Extensions Turned Pink

Help! My Hair Extensions Turned Pink

Sounds like a girls worst nightmare, right? Your perfectly matched, very expensive, new set of 100% human hair extensions have turned into a nasty peachy pink colour. 

The first thing that jumps to mind is "Did I do something wrong or are the hair extensions faulty?" 

If you've ever experienced hair extension discolouration, we are so sorry – but don't panic! It's a common occurrence and it happens with all brands of hair extensions. Fortunately, our quality control team has identified the cause of this issue and how it can be prevented or solved. We now want to ensure that everyone with hair extensions is aware of this information in order to avoid any potential mishaps in the future. So, even if discolouration hasn't happened to you yet, please take note of what we have to say about this topic and safeguard yourself against any potential problems in the future.

What Causes The Discolouration of Hair Extensions?

Ever wonder why your hair extensions suddenly take on a rosy hue? It all comes down to chemistry. When sunscreen, hairspray or moisturizer – which all contains UV stabilizers for sunscreen protection – is used near the area of the scalp containing extensions, those same UV stablilizers that protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays can cause discolouration in human hair extensions. 

It is paramount to comprehend that extensions are actually more delicate than our natural hair. As extensions are no longer connected to the scalp, they can't take advantage of their body's natural oils which act as a protective layer, thus making them more exposed to damages and colour changes. This porosity may explain why extensions can sometimes take on an unsolicited pink or peach shade. 

Learning how to look after hair extensions properly is therefore essential; this will help keep them intact and prolong their life span.

The following can cause a chemical reaction/discolouration/fading of the hair extension pigment:

Hard Water or Hard Mineral Content –  Hard water can cause hair extension discolouration as a result of the high mineral content.
UV Exposure – UV exposure by the sun or a tanning bed can cause hair extensions to lighten and change colour. 
Chemical Sunscreen - Most sunscreens in South Africa contain an ingredient that cause a chemical reaction. 
Salt Water – Salt Water can cause hair extensions to become dry and strip it of its colour. 
Chlorine – Chlorine Exposure can change hair extension colour from anything between bright green and pink.

How To Recognise The Signs Of Discoloured Hair Extensions

Everyone loves their hair extensions, and we understand how disappointing it can be when they start to discolour. But don't worry - you can take matters into your own hands! Recognising the signs of discolouration in your hair extensions is actually quite simple - think of it like a colour-coded scale that ranges from light blonde to bright pink. If you begin to notice pink or purple hues on the tips of your hair extensions, then that is a sign that they are starting to show evidence of discolouration due to product build-up or environmental factors. By watching out for these signs and taking steps to prevent discolouration (like using clarifying shampoos), you can ensure those beautiful hair extensions stay vibrant and lovely! 



STEP 2. Wash the extensions with a deep cleansing shampoo.

STEP 3. Mix and Apply the Malibu C CPR Treatment and develop under heat for the maximum time of 45 minutes.

STEP 4. Wash thoroughly 3x with a deep conditioning shampoo**, if the problem persists, repeat Step 3.

**In the case of blonde extensions - colour dip in a silver shampoo solution.

STEP 5. Apply the Malibu C Miracle Repair and develop under heat for 5 minutes.

STEP 6. Apply a moisturising leave in conditioner and heat protector.

STEP 7. Style as Usual.

** Level 7 and darker - the CPR will remove some of the dark pigment, after Step 4 tone the extensions with a suitable toner to deposit the dark colour back into the extensions and complete Step 5 - 7.


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