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Article: Why Are Weft Extensions Becoming The Most Requested Extension Method?

Why Weft Extensions Are Becoming So Popular?
Hair Extension

Why Are Weft Extensions Becoming The Most Requested Extension Method?

Let’s ask ourselves a basic question. What am I looking for in hair extensions? Length? Volume? Comfortability? Good quality hair? Assistance in my hair growth? Adding colour without colouring my own hair? It’s kind of a little bit of everything, right? Whoever came up with the idea of this extension type is a genius! No wonder the latest version of weft extensions are called “Genius Wefts” or “Hybrid Wefts", it solves a lot of problems all at once! 

Now, let’s get to the root of the real problem here (pun intended). Multiple hair extension types like keratin bonds, tape-in, k-tips and wefts are manufactured on a large scale, but stylists determine the installation method. You can buy the best quality wefts but still have a bad installation method, which ultimately leads to a bad reputation for the extension type, but should sit on the reputation of the method creator/installer.

The BIGGEST TASK won’t be to find good quality weft extensions, but to find your unicorn (aka the best installation stylist). This is a whole blog topic on its own, so I won’t talk about this too much here. Your installation can make or break your experience with this type of extension, so do your very best to find the best stylist, even if they charge premium prices. Always keep in mind that damage is inevitable if your stylist isn’t professionally trained and if the installation method isn’t proven to be healthy for your hair condition and growth.

So, why are these wefts so popular lately? Why is it becoming the most requested extension method?

Like I mentioned, it solves a lot of problems at once! The biggest problems we face with hair extensions is visibility and breakage. Whether you’ve had it for 3 weeks or 6 weeks, most extension types are either folding over, creating tension from the root and pulling hair out, some are already falling on the way back from your hairstylist, but why? GLUE!!! Most popular methods work with glue, and that’s set to damage your hair already. Our hair is very delicate and should be in a position to receive treatment and care as needed to stay healthy, as well as our scalp. How are we going to achieve that if we can’t put conditioner or treatments on our scalp, because as we know, conditioner on those extensions will cause slippage.

Our method at OnlyPro Hair allows for exactly what we need. By prioritising our scalp and hair condition first, the method has been created to serve every purpose.

  1. We start off by creating a foundational row, some people call it a “track”, with little micro-ring beads that has silicone on the inside to protect your hair. The “track" is seen as a structure to evenly distribute the weight of the wefts across the width of your head instead of hanging from small sections of hair and creating tension and breakage. 
  2. We then place the wefts so it “rests" on either side of the micro-rings and sew it all together with a light thread. It’s important that the thread used won’t soak up water and create water retention that will put extra weight on the "track". 
  3. You are now able to wear your wefts up or down without any visibility, tension on the root, and as most clients have said “I can barely feel anything in my hair”. That’s the goal!!!

Weft Hair Extensions can be used in thick and thin hair, coarse and fine hair, and the latest “Genius Weft” can be cut into smaller pieces to create panels in areas where you need it most! All of this is achieved, with no glue and no heat, great!

I hope this answers some of your questions? Does it solve some of your problems? If it solved problems you didn’t even know you had, GO FOR IT! This is the best extension type and installation method I’ve ever come across, and I’ve NEVER had a client move from this one back to another!

Find your OnlyPro Hair stylist near you on the website.

Here’s a good reminder from a stylist:

Make the right choices, keep your hair hydrated, and stay educated enough to give your stylist a go! 

With love,

Nicole Marsden

Nicole Marsden

As a wife and business owner, I know exactly how it is to feel special, and as if I’m the only guest in the room. I’ve created my guest experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted and more confident than ever before!

I’ve been a hairstylist since 2014 and I’ve never been more passionate about what I do, and building special bonds with my clients. I specialise in Luxury Weft Hair Extensions methods and regularly attend courses to keep me at the top of my game!

IG: @smaakhair

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