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East Asian vs Caucasian

by OnlyPro Hair Extensions 10 Oct 2019 1 comment

The most frequent question people ask when buying hair extensions is "Where does the hair come from?" 

What is the first idea that pops into your mind when you hear the phrase "Made in China". 

Exactly. That is the stereotypical answer we all have.

On our journey to discovering the finest quality hair extensions, the biggest mistake we made was trying to source "European Hair Extensions".

It makes sense right? European/Russian hair would match better because it will have the same structure but as science would have it Asian hair is stronger, healthier and more durable than European/Russian Hair. 

As it turns out, "European Quality Hair" is actually a term used in Asia for very high grade extensions, even though it does not come from Europe.

What makes East Asian hair a better option for hair extensions?

1. Number of Cuticle layers

Cuticles are the protective “shingles” that guard the inner protein structure of your hair. Human hair typically has 5 - 10 layers of cuticles. East Asian hair has close to 10 layers of cuticles where caucasian hair has about 5 layers of cuticles. Resulting in the East Asian hair being stronger and denser than Caucasian hair. 

2. The Flatness of the Cuticles

East Asian hairs' cuticles are laid in a steep angle whereas caucasian cuticles are more flat.

3. The Distance between the Cuticles

The distance between the cuticle cells is shorter in Asian hair than in Caucasian hair. 

4.  Breakage

As Asian hair is stretched or pulled, the cuticles tend to break off in large pieces that keep their original shape. On the other hand, the cuticles of Caucasian hair tend to break into smaller fragments and fall off. In this sense, Caucasian cuticles are more fragile.

5. Overall Structure

The East Asian hair is more solid in its overall structure than that of Caucasian hair, which means it tends to grow longer and can retain shine better. 

All hair extensions have been chemically processed at some point.

Yes, we have all heard about "virgin hair extensions" which have never been chemically processed (we will deal with the definition of virgin hair in a separate post) but let's face it, no hair manufacturing company is lucky enough to find thousands of European girls with the perfect shade of blonde hair to cut off their ponytails and sell it for hair extensions.

Taking the above into consideration it makes more sense to make use of stronger and thicker hair to manufacture hair extensions.

This is the reason why OnlyPro Hair Extensions can proudly say we make use of the finest quality Remy East Asian hair to manufacture our strong, soft and long-lasting hair extensions.

We would love to hear your thoughts, have your say in the comment section below.

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1 comment

12 Oct 2019 Lume Senekal
Well informed! Not only is Chinese hair stronger and thicker but the cuticles are totally differently formed allowing it to have a much longer life span as its much stronger and i love how it breaks of in chunks instead of just split ends like fine European hair.

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